Now If you'll let me I'll declare myself.

package me

type Contact struct {
	Twitter string
	EMail   string
	Github  string

type FieldOfAcademy struct {
	Academy     string
	Name        string
	Faculty     string
	Graduated   bool

type Me struct {
	Name           string
	Job            string
	IsStudent      bool
	FieldOfAcademies []FieldOfAcademy
	ContactMe      Contact
	Hobbies        []string

atakan := Me{
	Name:           "Atakan",
	Job:            "Software Engineer",
	IsStudent:      true,
	FieldOfAcademies: []FieldOfAcademy{
			Academy:  "Halic University, Istanbul",
			Name: "Translation and Interpretation in English",
			Faculty: "Faculty of Arts and Sciences",
			Graduated: true,
      Academy: "Collegium Da Vinci, Poznań",
			Name: "Information Technology",
			Faculty: "Faculty of Computer Science and Visual Communication",
			Graduated: false,
	ContactMe: Contact{
		Twitter: "",
		EMail:   "",
		Github:  "",
	Hobbies: []string{
		"3D CG",


Maybe a bool field of humour could help as well regarding this declaration. Yeah.

For those who did not understand a thing from above, I'm Atakan. I'm a generalist.


I like listening to music like every single other person, in case you want to see my music taste you can check my Spotify. I also like to sing with my guitar, but I don't really share them anywhere else except my personal instagram account.

Here you can find my Spotify playlists.

Tech ‍

I love technology. Thankfully I've met with it very early stages of my life. I owe my soft skills to the years that I've spent inside this vast environment. Don't you love the idea of doing something in an easier and robust way than it is? I think that's the main drive for me to get my hands on software development. It's been a year since I wrote my first line of code and it was the best decision I've ever made. I had so much fun that I instantly got obsessed with it.

Almost every single day I read documentations, made researches about certain frameworks or strolled among repositories on GitHub. I was also attending a bootcamp physically, but I must admit it was me and my own effort that got me where I am today. What I am trying to say is the improvement doesn't come from whichever school or bootcamp you are attending, or the courses you've bought online, It builds up within yourself with your own effort.

"There's no different angle, no clever solution, no trickety trick that's gonna move that rock. You gotta face it head-on"

Final Words

I tried to be simple in this writing about myself. I mean, who can express theirselves in a single blog? I didn't want this to be too long or I didn't also want to pack up all these things in a short paragraph in my homepage. Anyways friend, if you want to get to know me more I'm sure you'll find your own way.

I'll end my words with a great song suggestion. When I first listened to this song something clicked inside me. Maybe I'm just being dramatic but, let it be.

The ones who made a difference, by withstanding the indifference.